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About ARES

Our team at Advanced Restoration Environmental Services (ARES) takes pride in being a part of our local community and enjoys the opportunity to serve our clients around the South Puget Sound. Water and fire damage leaves home and business owners with the feeling of losing control of their environment. This is why we are committed to our process of Giving You Back Your Home as we use our expertise to help you through the insurance claim repairs process. 

Our Process

At ARES we take our time to capture the details of your unique project, compose an accurate estimate for your insurance company, and put a plan in place that will lead us to success in restoring your home. We take pride in the quality of our work and our ability to guide you through a difficult process with a positive customer experience.  

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Detailed Damage


Our ARES team takes our time to thoroughly gather details from the project outset.

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Accurate Repair


Our ARES team works with your insurance carrier to ensure a quality agreed-upon scope of work.

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Restoration Process

Our ARES team seeks to exceed industry standards as we do things the right way in restoring your home or business. 

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The Finishing


Our ARES team will see your project through from start to finish as we achieve our mission of Giving You Back Your Home. 

Our Quality Guarantee

At Advanced Restoration Environmental Services (ARES) we hire humans, so we will not promise that we will never make a mistake, but we do stand by our promise to make things right. We develop our teams around the mantra of: 

  • Doing Restoration Right 

  • Doing Restoration Efficiently 

  • Doing Restoration Excellently

You will notice from the first time that you meet our team, we do things differently. We take our time to ensure that we thoroughly capture the details of your damages so that we can accurately create an estimate that reflects the unique nature of your damage repair project. Our expertise is in helping you navigate the insurance claims repair process. When water or fire damage impacts your home, clients often feel like their sense of control is lost. We will work with you, and for you, to ensure that we are able to Give You Back Your Home. 

We utilize the latest helpful technology, such as DocuSketch to help us expedite our detailed inspection process and better communicate the extent of damages in your home or business to your insurance carrier. At ARES, we uphold the highest industry standards for estimating and repairs. We consistently deliver our projects on-time, on-budget, and with a high level of customer satisfaction, by planning out our projects and communicating with all parties involved in the insurance claims repair process.  

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Giving You Back Your Home.
Tell us about your project today.

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