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Choosing the right insurance claims restoration contractor

Spanaway insurance claims repair contractor
Spanaway insurance claims repair contractor

Washington does not have specific licensing for insurance claims restoration contractors. In the state of Washington there are two basic categories of contractors, general and specialty. Both general and specialty contractors are required to meet basic requirements through the Department of Labor and Industries (LNI or L&I). In Washington these contractor compliance factors include:

  1. Contractor Registration

  2. Contractor Bonding

  3. Contractor Insurance

While many of the differences between contractor classification have to do with areas of specialty, they also can differ in their bonding and insurance thresholds. With regards to the difference between general and specialty contractors, L&I states:

  • A general contractor “can perform most types of construction work” including hiring subcontractors. Subcontractors can be another general contractor or a contractor who specializes in a service area such as roofing, handyman, floor covering, drywall, or asbestos.

  • A specialty contractor “can only perform work in the specialty area they are registered in. They cannot hire subcontractors.” There are 63 specialties that L&I regulates.

  • There are additional requirements for education, examination, and licensing for contractors working with plumbing, electrical, asbestos, and several others.

The first step in choosing the right insurance claims restoration contractor

Make sure that you hire the right classification of construction contractor for your project in Spanaway. Typically, an insurance claims restoration contractor is going to be registered as a general contractor. The minimum qualifications that any contractor offering to perform any level of work for hire in your home, should be registered with the state, be classified correctly for the work that you need, and should have the appropriate amount of bonding and insurance.

Ask the contractor(s) you are thinking of working with for your insurance claims repair to provide their contractor registration number and then verify that their information is active and current on the L&I website. As a minimum assurance that the contractor you are inviting into your home has a basic level of compliance, thereby helping to protect you if something should go wrong. Ask your contractor to provide, current and active, confirmation of the following:

  • Your business registered with Department of Revenue

  • Your surety bond or an assignment of savings. General contractors must have at least $12,000 and specialty contractors must have at least $6,000.

  • Your general liability insurance policy. General contractors must have at least $200,000 in public liability and $50,000 property damage, or $250,000 combined single limit.

  • Your Contractor Registration number

Use the L&I website to verify contractors in Spanaway, Pierce County, and throughout Washington. You may also find some helpful information in the reference guide from Protect My Home, What You Should Know About Hiring A Contractor, Remodeler, or Handyman.

Choosing the right insurance claims restoration contractor in Spanaway

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