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Contractors raised over 66,000 pairs of NEW socks for local charities

Contractors throughout the United States and Canada combined forces to raise over 66,000 pairs of NEW socks for local charities. The DYOJO Podcast SOCKTember is an annual event drawing caring companies together to compete for bragging rights as the winning team.

This event started during the shutdowns of 2020, with five teams in Washington coming together to raise over 5,500 pairs of NEW socks that were donated to local charities selected by those teams. Sisters for Socks, led by Lindsey Ward of The Contents Specialists (Seattle), won the inaugural event. Socks Hawks (Merit Construction, Tacoma), Sock Kings (3 Kings Environmental, Sumner), and Sock Unicorns (Home with Kelsey Isaacson, Puyallup) rounded out the competition.

In 2021, many of the supporting members of the four original teams decided to start their own, On Side Restoration, based in Canada encouraged all of their local offices to participate. The On Side teams raised over 34,000 socks that were distributed to charities throughout Canada. The top five teams and two special awardees were:

  1. Sisters for Socks - Reliable Contents Services (Seattle, WA) with 8,506 pairs of NEW socks for local charities

  2. The Best DANG Sock Raising Team in Pierce County - ARES Restoration (Graham, WA) with 8,502 pairs of NEW socks for local charities. *Thats right, JUST four pairs of NEW socks separated first and second place.

  3. Sock Unicorns - Home with Kelsey Isaacson (Puyallup, WA) with 5,974 pairs of NEW socks for local charities

  4. On Side Restoration - Red Deer (Canada) with 4,532 pairs of NEW socks for local charities

  5. On Side Restoration - Edmonton (Canda) with 4,520 pairs of NEW socks for local charities

  6. Rookie of the Year - New England No Shows - Office Services by Brandi Hawthorne (Alton Bay, NH) with 3,503 pairs of NEW socks for local charities

  7. Out of the Box - Culture Sock - Born to Repair (San Diego, CA) - with 386 pairs of NEW socks for local charities, BUT also raised over 1,030 pairs of boots and shoes as well

Shout out to all of our participating teams, this event was set up so that anyone could give at any amount to make a difference. Sock Hawks (Tacoma, WA), Sock It Right (Boonsboro, MD), Groovy Tube Socks (Atlanta, GA), Sock It To Me (Virginia), and all of the locations for On Side Restoration (Canada).

To celebrate the success of this event, Reliable Content Services hosted a costume dance party at their facility just outside of Seattle, Washington. We enjoyed custom made pizzas from All Pro Construction, desserts from Aramsco, beverages from RCS, Office Services by Brandi Hawthorne, GMS Distribution, and ARES Restoration. Lindsey Ward, Mike Missall, and the seasonal enthusiast Sarah Roberts (Superior Restoration) did an excellent job of converting a warehouse into a fun party space.

The ARES Restoration team, The Best DANG Sock Raising Team In Pierce County, was supported by so many excellent people and community members. We want to thank:

  • Arken Restoration

  • Puyallup/Sumner Chamber of Commerce

  • Graham Business Association

  • Edward Jones of Graham

  • Graham Auto Repair

  • Seattle Contents

  • Dilanos Coffee Roasters

  • The Collected Home


  • The Misener Group

  • Advanced Sewer Solutions, Inc.

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