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Help Us Raise OVER 10,000 Pairs Of NEW Socks For Local Pierce County Charities

JOIN ARES Restoration as we have some FUN and do some GOOD raising NEW socks for local Pierce County charities. Our team, and many local Puyallup, Graham, and Tacoma based companies are participating in the 3rd Annual DYOJO Podcast #SOCKTemer NEW Sock Raising Competition.

Last year our local team raised over 8,500 pairs of NEW socks and donated to worthy charities including

  • Tacoma Rescue Mission

  • Bethel School Districts Care Closet

  • New Hope Resource Center

  • Each team donated socks to local charities that they selected in their markets

This event started in 2020, with four local teams in Washington State raising over 5,500 pairs of NEW socks. In 2021 SOCKTember grew to 39 teams in 2 countries raising over 66,000 pairs of NEW socks. You can read more about this event in the write up published with C&R Magazine. Our event goal for 2022 is to raise over 100,000 pairs of NEW socks for local charities in the United States, Canada, and beyond!

THIS YEAR we need your help, we “lost” this competition by 4 PAIRS OF SOCKS and would like to dethrone the back-to-back champions, the Sisters for Socks out of Seattle, WA. Everyone in Pierce County can identify with the desire to not be shown up by a team from up North. We know that if The Best DANG Sock-Raising Team in Pierce County is going to win in 2022, we will need to raise AT LEAST 10,000 pairs of NEW socks.

You can deliver NEW Socks to the following locations in Pierce County

  • Jimmy Morgan, Edward Jones, Graham, WA

  • Graham Auto, Graham, WA

  • Graham Auto (NEW location), Yelm, WA

  • Tacoma Trophy, Tacoma, WA

  • ARES Restoration, Puyallup, WA

  • Check out our Amazon Wishlist, you can click and ship in one step

  • MORE soon

Whether you are in Washington State or beyond, you can help our team and our event to exceed our ambitious sock-raising goals. You can START a team, JOIN a local team, DONATE through our Amazon Wishlist, and help SPREAD THE WORD.

Ways that you can support SOCKTember 2022

  • START a Sock-Raising team. You can do it. Last year we grew by 35 teams and we would love to have you added to our roster. There is an informational flyer for team captains on the SOCKtember website.

  • JOIN a Sock-Raising team. There are multiple teams across the country who would love to have your assistance in raising as many NEW socks as possible. The winning team is going to need to raise OVER 10,000 pairs. You can see the list of current and former teams on the SOCKtember website.

  • DONATE to SOCKtember, we have an Amazon Wishlist that has examples of quality socks we have donated over the three years we have been doing this event. Click, donate, and ship.

  • SPREAD THE WORD by sharing social media posts and articles as they come out. Tell your friends and community about this effort and help us raise OVER 100,000 pairs of NEW socks to donate to local charities!

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