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Joining with local contractors for SOCKTember 2021

The team at ARES Restoration is excited to sponsor and participate in this great event supporting local charities with a highly requested item, NEW socks. As Luke Draeger of Aramsco Seattle shared in one of the videos from last year's local SOCKTember event, “Everyone loves socks.” The Denver Mission gives out 300 pounds of socks a month and said, “A pair of socks or shoes can be a lifeline.” The Institute for Preventative Foot Health reminds everyone of the importance of socks:

  • Well-made padded socks are a key to protecting the feet’s skin and soft tissues (fat pads on the balls and heels) from injury.

  • Well-designed padded socks also help manage the moisture produced by the 125,000 sweat glands located on the bottom of each foot, which can soften the skin and make feet more vulnerable to blisters and injury.

Last year four local teams competed in The 1st Annual The DYOJO SOCKTember NEW Sock Raising Competition. These four inspired teams gathered NEW socks from local clients, vendors, partners, and community members to raise over 5,500 NEW socks. Each team selected local charities in their communities and delivered their haul of NEW socks. Team captains reported that their local charities were blown away by the influx of this critical item. The 2020 SOCKTember teams were:

  • Sisters for Socks led by Lindsey Ward of The Contents Specialists (Seattle, WA)

  • Sock Hawks led by Tammy Birklid of Merit Construction (Tacoma, WA)

  • Sock Agents led by Kelsey Isaacson of Home with Kelsey Isaacson (Puyallup, WA)

  • Sock Kings led by Jon Isaacson of 3 Kings Environmental (Sumner, WA)

What is SOCKTember 2021?

The idea is simple, team captains assemble team members from their local market and raise as many NEW socks as they can during the month of September; hence the name SOCKTember. Many companies find this is a great way to:

  • Reach out to clients

  • Build relationships with vendors

  • Improve employee engagement

This annual event is a fun way to achieve these objectives while doing good in your neighborhood. There is a SOCKTember 2021 Press Release as well as a Team Captain Info Sheet that can be downloaded from the website. If you would like to know more about the event or contribute to the ARES Restoration team, please reach out to Jon Isaacson or Charles Zachary. Lindsey Ward and the Sisters for Socks are already in the competition to defend their title and retain the trophy created by Tacoma Trophy. There are teams from Atlanta, San Diego, Olympia, Baltimore, and Boston already signed up as well.

Watch the kick off video for SOCKTember 2021

Insurance claim damage repairs

Our team at Advanced Restoration Environmental Services (ARES) takes pride in being a part of our local community and enjoys the opportunity to serve our clients around the South Puget Sound. Water and fire damage leaves home and business owners with the feeling of losing control of their environment.

  • Insurance Claims Experts. ARES specializes in helping you navigate the nuanced process of insurance claims repairs.

  • FREE In Home Consultations. Our ARES team looks forward to meeting with you to discuss the unique needs of your restoration project.

  • Exceptional Service. ARES prides ourselves in our ability to create positive customer experiences.

  • Licensed & Insured. Our ARES team stands behind the quality of our work as we work to Give You Back Your Home.

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