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Finding and Becoming the Best Contractor

Contractors who are licensed and bonded in the State of Washington receive their confirmation through the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I or LNI). Homeowners who want to confirm their remodeling contractor has gone through the proper channels can check the L&I website to confirm licensure and current insurance. Contractors who want to elevate their services can find a wealth of educational content as well.

Finding the best contractor means finding the ones who are doing their best to be the best. In this post, we will review some of the simple ways that contractors can set themselves apart (be the best) by taking advantage of free resources available through the State of Washington. Consumers can use this information to help them identify the best contractor to assist them with their repair and remodeling projects.

Best Contractor Webinar

The Washington Department of Labor and Industries offers several online webinars covering the Essentials for Business. The course covers L&I requirement updates, resources, and ways to protect construction businesses and their workforce. According to the course description, attendees with learn:

The essentials about workers' compensation, quarterly reporting, what to do if your employee is injured, wage and hour laws, and contractor registration rules
How to access a range of L&I resources designed to help your business save time and money
Various ways L&I partners with you to keep your workforce safe and healthy

Through these free programs contractors can collaborate with L&I to ensure they are meeting their business requirements while taking advantage of the resources available to them.

Best Contractor Training

L&I also provides several regional Contractor Training Days. According to their website these free workshops offer,

More than 25 different classes are offered on subjects including safety, managing your claims to control your workers' compensation costs, public works contracting, business planning, risk management, marketing and more.

There are several focus tracks within the day-long event that include employee safety, risk management, contracting with the state, and general best practices. Course offerings include:

  • Creating Your Own Construction Contract

  • Handling Difficult Customers and Getting Paid for Your Work

  • Hiring "Independent" Contractors and Avoid Prime Contractor Liability

  • Public Works Responsible Bidder Training Credit

  • Safety and Health Leadership

  • Paid Sick Leave Law Overview

Best Contractor Resources

There are 19 L&I offices throughout the State of Washington with approximately 2,800 employees. Their services include a statewide division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) which administers the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) laws with the goal of protecting workers from hazardous job conditions. According to the L&I website,

The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) is a diverse state agency dedicated to the safety, health, and security of Washington's 3.3 million workers. We help employers meet safety and health standards, and we inspect workplaces when alerted to hazards.

As a baseline homeowners looking to hire contractors for their repair and remodeling projects should check for current licensing, bonding, and insurance. Consumers should ask their prospective contractors what their business does to ensure they are operating safely (see more on job site safety from a prior post), educating their team members, and that their company is providing the best service possible. Contractors can set themselves apart, engage their employees, and build a sustainable business by taking advantage of courses like the ones we listed in this post.

Consumers want to find the best contractor to help them with their projects. Contractors that want to be the best in their local market can utilize many simple and free resources that are available through the State.

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