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Interview Questions for Hiring Project Managers

The role of project management in a construction setting is a complex one. Working with insurance claims, as ARES does, brings another set of challenges unique to the property restoration industry. ARES believes that anyone can learn to be a project manager. While construction and insurance claims experience are beneficial, a customer service mindset and relevant experience are the primary attributes that we look for. We have created a series of initial interview questions for hiring project managers.

Project Management Questions

These are not intended to be trick questions but to facilitate a discussion about your relevant experience, please do not be concerned about answering them wrong.

Customer Service Experience

  1. What interests you about this role for project management?

  2. At ARES, we view project management as a customer service heavy role. Tell us about your customer service experience.

  3. If you are handed a new project and the customer is upset because the insurance claims process has been taking long, how would you respond?

Relevant Construction Experience

  1. At ARES, we are a general contractor who specializes in working with the insurance claims repairs process. Tell us about your experience with insurance claims.

  2. If a customer said something like, “I heard that my neighbor was able to upgrade their old carpet for new vinyl plank and didn’t have to pay any extra, what do I need to do to make this happen?” How would you respond?

  3. Tell us about your construction related experience.

Project Management Experience

  1. If you have three projects that are nearly complete and two new projects that are ready to start, how would you prioritize your time and resources?

  2. If you have a contract for $10,000.00 that covers labor, materials, and profit for a project and your goal is to maintain a 40% margin, what would your budget for labor and materials be?

  3. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your skills, experience, and abilities?

Additional Resources for Project Managers

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