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Kitchen and siding damage from a frozen hose bib in Lacey

While we don't typically think our winters in the Pacific Northwest are particularly harsh, temperatures can get cold enough to freeze plumbing fixtures. A customer of ours in Lacey, Washington discovered water damage in their kitchen. When they contacted a plumber and a local water damage mitigation company they traced the source back to a hose bib that had frozen over the winter. The damage affected their siding, kitchen, and dining room.

Water damage siding repairs Lacey
Damage to wood siding from a frozen hose bib in Lacey (Before)

Preventing water damage from frozen hose bibs

In many cases a frozen hose bib is not discovered until a homeowner uses their exterior fixtures in the spring season to water their lawn, pressure wash their home, or start a garden. According to Washington Water Service,

Pipes that freeze most frequently are those that are exposed to severe cold, such as outdoor hose bibs, swimming pool supply lines, water sprinkler lines and water supply pipes in unheated interior areas such as basements and crawl spaces, attics, garages, or kitchen cabinets. Pipes that run against exterior walls that have little or no insulation are also subject to freezing.

Water damage kitchen and flooring repairs Lacey
Damage to kitchen cabinets and tile floor in Lacey (Before)

Repairing water damage from frozen hose bib

Our water damage mitigation partners had to remove cabinets and tile flooring in order to dry the structure for this home in Lacey. Using air movers and dehumidifiers, they helped the homeowner ensure there was no microbial growth or additional damage from the water. They worked with their insurance company to document the source of the loss, the extent of the damages, and the process they used to dry the environment.

From the photos in this post, you can see the damages (before) and the repairs (after). Our team at ARES was able to assist the homeowner by specializing in a few key areas that helped expedite the insurance claims process:

  • Documenting the site conditions using the latest three-dimensional (3D) tools.

  • Composing a detailed estimate for the scope and cost of repairs using the software commonly required during insurance claims.

  • Communicating with the homeowner and the insurance company representatives to ensure the details necessary were delivered to all parties.

Siding inspection, damage, repairs, and renovation in Lacey
Siding replacement and repairs in Lacey (After)

Tacoma Public Utilities offers the following suggestions for preventing plumbing issues related to cold weather exposure in Lacey and throughout Pierce County:

  • Insulate exposed pipes, valves, and hose bibs. That includes pipes that are outdoors, in attics, crawl spaces, basements, and garages. Pipe insulation and insulating material for hose bibs are available at many hardware stores.

  • Shut off and drain outside faucets. If your hose bibs have individual shutoff valves, turn off the water supply for individual hose bibs and open hose bibs to drain faucets.

  • Shut off and winterize your outdoor irrigation system and other water fixtures.

  • Disconnect your garden hoses from hose bibs.

  • Keep heat on and set your thermostat no lower than 55° F while away from home.

  • If you are leaving your house for an extended period of time, ask someone to check it daily to ensure the heat is turning on.

  • Locate your emergency shutoff and learn how to turn off your water supply.

Kitchen cabinet, countertop, and flooring repairs in Lacey
Kitchen cabinet and flooring repairs in Lacey (After)

In the event that you experience water damage to your home from a frozen hose bib or burst pipe, please contact ARES to assist you with this process. Our team will take great care to help you navigate the insurance claims process. ARES team members are skilled in all aspects of reconstruction, renovation, and repairs.

Water damage insurance repairs Lacey
People centric insurance claim repairs

Our team at ARES Restoration takes pride in being a part of our local community and enjoys the opportunity to serve our clients in Pierce County. Water and fire damage leaves home and business owners with the feeling of losing control of their environment. At ARES, our motto is, “Giving You Back Your Home,” as we work to help you thoroughly document the extent of your losses so that we can accurately estimate the necessary repairs and communicate those items to your insurance company.

  • Insurance Claims Experts. ARES specializes in helping you navigate the nuanced process of insurance claims repairs.

  • FREE In-Home Consultations. Our ARES team looks forward to meeting with you to discuss the unique needs of your restoration project.

  • Exceptional Service. ARES prides itself on its ability to create positive customer experiences.

  • Licensed & Insured. Our ARES team stands behind the quality of our work as we work to Give You Back Your Home.

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