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Raising NEW Socks for Local Charities

ARES is participating in the 4th Annual DYOJO Podcast SOCKTember NEW sock-raising competition in support of local charities. This year the event organizers have joined forces with the property restoration's premier publication C&R Magazine. ​Restoring Kindness and many teams throughout Canada and the United States are working together with the goal of raising over 100,000 pairs of NEW socks in the month of September. Find out more about this charitable event and how you can help from our SOCKTEMBER PAGE.

SOCKTember 2023

How Does SOCKTember Raise NEW Socks?

It’s simple really. Most local community services NEED socks. It is one of the highest-demand items for people in need of all ages. SOCKTember was started with the idea of picking up an extra pack of new socks whenever team members go to the store. If teams of contractors, customers, and community members did this we could raise a lot of new socks for local agencies.

  • During the month of September, local teams get together to raise as many new pairs of socks as they can.

  • In October, we count them up and teams donate to local charities of their choice.

  • All year long, the winners get to brag about beating their peers

  • All year long, participating teams get to share the good work they have done in their local communities

READ MORE about this great event in the C&R Magazine article. LEARN MORE and get your team inspired by hearing about our haul of NEW SOCKS donated to LOCAL community organizations and the WINNER of SOCKTember 2022.

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