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Pierce County Home Rehabilitation

Interest rates are rising and there is no end apparent in the near future. Homeowners in Pierce County will be looking to invest in their existing property to rehabilitate and repair spaces to aid with their longer-term needs. The good news is that through the Pierce County Home Rehabilitation Program, there is access to low-interest loans of up to $80,000.

Pierce County Home Rehabilitation

According to the Pierce County Home Rehabilitation Loan Program Webpage:

The Home Rehabilitation Program provides low-interest loans of up to $80,000 for low-income homeowners in Pierce County to improve their housing conditions. Loans for disability modifications up to $10,000 are provided at zero interest and are forgiven over seven years.

Low-Interest Loans for Essential Home Improvements

These low-interest loans are focused on efforts for rehabilitating and repairing homes throughout Pierce County. The Washington State Department of Commerce notes that approved repairs, “Must be residential repairs and improvements that affect the health, safety, and durability of your home.”

Rehabilitation work is for essential improvements which include (but are not limited to):

  • Rot removal

  • Foundation/structural improvements

  • Energy-related improvements

  • Lead-based paint and asbestos work

  • Improvements for handicapped persons (ADA)

  • Repair or replacement of major housing systems

  • Emergency storm repairs

  • Seismic retrofits

  • Radon mitigation.

Pierce County notes that rehabilitation extends to other repairs as deemed to affect the Health and Safety of the owner. Services they will consider include repairs for roofing, siding, exterior paint, flooring, bathroom, kitchen, interior paint, plumbing, electrical, heating, well, and septic.

Pierce County Home Rehabilitation Loans

These services exclude the City limits of Tacoma and Lakewood as those jurisdictions have their own programs. The criteria for applicants in Pierce County include:

  • Own the home and property;

  • Meet HUD's Income Guidelines (see Graphic);

  • Have a title to the home;

  • Have occupied the home for at least one year;

  • Have homeowner's insurance coverage; and

  • Meet credit policy.

Pierce County Home Rehab Loan Rates

Those who meet those loan criteria are eligible for beneficial terms to aid them with their home rehabilitation needs. The loan terms for the Pierce County Rehabilitation Loan Program are:

  • Loans are provided at 1% interest, for a term of 20 years.

  • Deferred monthly loan payments for owners who cannot afford a monthly payment.

  • Loans for disability modifications may be provided at zero percent interest subject to approval.

Pierce County Home Rehabilitation Contractors

The process for submitting an estimate for home rehabilitation is similar to the process ARES has worked through for many years when working with mortgage and insurance companies. Readers can learn more about how ARES helps homeowners throughout Pierce County with the repair, remodeling, and rehabilitation process in our prior blog. There is a level of detail and cost breakdowns that these programs require that our team is very familiar with.

Home Rehabilitation Contractors

Our team at ARES Restoration takes pride in being a part of our local community and enjoys the opportunity to serve our clients in Pierce County. Water and fire damage leaves home and business owners with the feeling of losing control of their environment. At ARES, our motto is, “Giving You Back Your Home,” as we work to help you thoroughly document the extent of your losses so that we can accurately estimate the necessary repairs and communicate those items to your insurance company.

  • Insurance Claims Experts. ARES specializes in helping you navigate the nuanced process of insurance claims repairs.

  • FREE In-Home Consultations. Our ARES team looks forward to meeting with you to discuss the unique needs of your restoration project.

  • Exceptional Service. ARES prides itself on its ability to create positive customer experiences.

  • Licensed & Insured. Our ARES team stands behind the quality of our work as we work to Give You Back Your Home.

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