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Tacoma's Water Damage Restoration Experts

Have you suffered a bathroom water damage loss in your Tacoma home and are in need of restoration? Oftentimes, the water damage to a bathroom can go unnoticed via an accumulation of events over time. This manifests by way of a leaking wax ring from your toilet, a pinhole drip at an angle stop line, or simply water being splashed out of the tub by a little one, OVER and OVER again.

When these things happen, you may find yourself noticing a soft spot on the floor, baseboards looking swollen on the wall, or even a wet musty odor in the room. If you notice these signs, it generally means corrective action by way of water damage mitigation and renovation to restore the affected area to its previous condition. Homeowners in Tacoma want assurance that they are working with water damage restoration experts to repair their homes to better than pre-loss conditions.

Water damage restoration for bathroom in Tacoma (BEFORE)
Water damage restoration for bathroom in Tacoma (BEFORE)

Our project managers at ARES recently had the pleasure of assisting a customer in Tacoma, Washington with this exact issue. Our team was able to completely restore the bathroom to its former glory.

Tacoma Water Damage Restoration Insurance Claims

  • The issue started with the customer noticing soft spots on their tile flooring.

  • Our water damage mitigation partners were able to perform a moisture inspection. They identified the issue as a faulty wax ring from the toilet.

  • Prior to starting demolition, they tested for asbestos (as required by the State of Washington and OSHA) and lead-based paint to protect the homeowner and their employees.

  • During the insurance claims process, they removed the affected materials including tile, cabinets, underlayment, baseboards, drywall, and insulation.

  • Not only were the finished materials affected, they discovered that some of the structural elements were compromised as well.

  • Drying equipment, including air movers, dehumidifiers, and air filtration devices were installed to dry the structure.

After meeting with the customers and discussing their needs, it was determined that in order to prevent issues like this from happening again, we would utilize our plumbing division, Advanced Sewer Solutions. This way, we could ensure the toilet was installed properly and in a manner that prevents leaks from happening in the future.

Water damage restoration for bathroom in Tacoma (AFTER)
Water damage restoration for bathroom in Tacoma (AFTER)

Hiring Tacoma Insurance Claim Restoration Experts

These Tacoma homeowners expressed a desire to upgrade their vanity cabinet, solid surface countertop, and flooring. While insurance is responsible for restoring the structure to resemble its pre-loss condition with materials of like kind and quality, customers can choose to pay to upgrade the scope of work. We find that often during a water damage event, it is a perfect opportunity to make the most of an unexpected situation. Many customers choose to perform upgrades to modernize spaces like their kitchens and bathrooms. By performing these cost-effective upgrades, homeowners not only gained additional space within the vanity for belongings but also eliminated a slippery surface from the prior tile flooring. In this instance, they chose a luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring material. This product is water-resistant and comes in a variety of finishes.

When a loss occurs in your Tacoma bathroom, timely completion of the project is vital to minimize the already disruptive experience. With these customers, ARES was able to give them their home back just shy of 10 business days. Being that this was an insurance claim, we can say with certainty that is blazing fast. If you ever find yourself in a predicament of water damage anywhere in your home, give ARES a call for help with your claim & to get your home back.

Water Damage Restoration Moisture Inspection
Water Damage Restoration Moisture Inspection

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